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 LED Garden Lighting

LED garden lights offer an easy and cost effective means to add impressive drama into your garden. More.....
LED lighting is also more than capable of producing very impressive lighting results in the garden. A simple, cost effective, energy efficient and hugely impressive means of illuminating garden planting during darkness can be achieved by installing LED Ground lights. More.....

Landscape & Gardening

Welcome to the landscape and garden section of Irish Association of Self Builders, Ireland’s largest construction web site where you can find information on self building and house construction including the latest innovations, products and services available to you for your self build project as well as your gardens.

This area can work out from a few hundred Euros to many thousands. Landscaping is down to your individual preference. You can either take it on yourself or you can pay for a professional landscape gardener to do everything for you and if you can afford it this is the route to take.

Remember, a well landscaped garden will add value to your property.

Synthetic Grass a real fit for purpose

For many garden enthusiasts the centrepiece of a beautiful garden is of course a lush green manicured lawn. Any thoughts of replacing a natural lawn with a synthetic or artificial grass would surely be greeted with cynicism and derision. More.....

Small Garden Design Ideas

Some design tips for getting the most from all that important area in which to relax: More.....

How green do you grow?

For thirty years and more early environmentalists and scientists have been issuing warnings and raising fears about the relentless depletion of the earth’s natural resources including fossil fuels and the impending gloom of global warming. Often dismissed as early rants and ravings, today, most people are more than the familiar with the consequences of climate change, much of which can be directly attributable to earlier deeds. In a classic scenario of ‘think global but act local’ we all have a part or indeed a role in protecting the environment if not for our benefit but certainly for future generations. More.....

Outdoor Living - Planning the perfect summer garden

As many of us know all too well, after working all day indoors there’s no where better but in the ‘outdoor’ room to relax. Unless you use your garden as nothing more than a convenient storage area, you are more likely to share the same opinion of the vast majority of people who regard the garden as a sanctuary and somewhere special to enjoy and relax in one way or another. More.....



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