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New Garden Lawn – installation and aftercare

Installing the new Lawn

Ideally new roll turf should be installed as soon as possible after delivery, if for any reason, this is not possible, roll turf may be rolled out onto a flat surface and if kept moist, can be stored in this fashion for up to 48 hours. Under no circumstances are the individual sods to be left rolled up for an extended period as new grass will quickly deteriorate and turn yellow.

Begin by the laying the sod along the longest straight line, and ensure that subsequent lines are staggered, i.e. row 1 starts with a full roll length, row 2 starts with a half roll length and roll 3 starts with a full row length

Push edges together and ensure all joints are well butted, a sharp knife will be required to cut sods (I find an Old Bread Knife ideal). Avoid any small cuts as these will tend to be poor at retaining moisture and will dry out very quickly. Instead adjust lengths of last two rolls so that the end piece is not narrower than 12”/300 mm wide

Avoid during installation walking on the new turf, use boards or wide sheeting

After installation is completed, water well and continue daily until approx 2 weeks by which time the new sods should have become well knitted and rooted in the ground

Aftercare for the new Lawn

To retain the vivid green lush look of a new lawn and good healthy grass growth:

Continue feeding the lawn every six weeks during the growing season (April-October) and do not forget to apply a winter feed later in year (which is a specially formulated feed to ensure strong root development)

It is very important during the initial few months that the new lawn does not dry out, so if necessary water regularly

Do not allow the grass become too long and generally avoid cutting the new lawn shorter than 2”/50 mm. Frequent cutting (except during wet spells) are ideal to maintaining a beautiful finish.

The author is a leading Garden Designer and Landscaper based in Dublin, Ireland. Many of his ideas and advice have been tried and tested through many years of professional experience as owner manager of a well established and award winning garden design and landscaping company which provides Private and Commercial clients a complete landscaping service including Garden Design, Construction & Planting.

For more information about company and inspiring aspects of landscaping, visit: