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Small Garden Design Ideas

Some design tips for getting the most from all that important area in which to relax:

Colour: although many if not most prefer to have lots of colour in the garden, why not consider a more relaxing and calming atmosphere? Green with its wide range of hues is the ideal calming colour. For accent colour try planting bold colours in containers/pots.

Layout:: although curves and/or linear layouts are popular, the curves are probably  despite being less space efficient provide a more natural view than more the sometimes more defined layout involving straight lines and angles . If in doubt also consider a combination of both, ie, curvo-linear.

Compartments: some might prefer the panoramic view of being able to see everything at once in the garden, however there is more to be gained by creating compartments. Try creating layouts which offer scope for distinctive looks/compartments, just like a house has rooms with various rooms each with a distinct look and function, this methodology can also be applied to the garden.

Fencing: in nearly all cases the primary role of fencing is to provide a secure boundary, beyond this, fencing also has great potential to provide a very useful backdrop to the planted areas. Choice of finish is important but select a colour shades (dark green, ebony etc) which will be neutral and therefore highlight plant forms and colour.

Owen Chubb is a leading Garden Designer and Landscaper based in Dublin, Ireland. Many of his ideas and advice have been tried and tested through many years of professional experience as owner manager of a well established and award winning garden design and landscaping company which provides Private and Commercial clients a complete landscaping service including Garden Design, Construction & Planting.

For more information about company and inspiring aspects of landscaping, visit:





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