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Soothing Sound- Ideas for Water Features

The soothing sound of cascading water can create a relaxing and welcome feature in any garden. Spring months approaching might be a good time to prepare for the installation of a water feature to be enjoyed when summer returns.

Practically speaking, any garden can be improved by the addition of a water feature, but space and maintenance requirements will usually dictate that a compact (typically 1.0m – 1.8m diameter) Reservoir Water feature be used. The functionality of Reservoir features is simplicity in itself. Water is pumped from a sunken or concealed container up through the decorative element for example a stone boulder (but other popular choices are Stainless Steel and Driftwood) to trickle over the feature and drain back into the reservoir. The process is repeated, no running water supply is required to operate such features and apart from an occasional top up of the water level during prolonged hot spells, these water features are virtually maintenance free.

Despite their size limitations, reservoir water features are a compelling and visually attractive addition to any garden irrespective of style or size. Appearance can also be enhanced by positioning river cobbles, ornamental Grasses and low growing specimen trees nearby.

Water features are also very popular for their sound effects of cascading water which many people enjoy for its soothing relaxing effects. This offers much potential to introduce a dynamic dimension and transform an area of the garden which would be very difficult to achieve with planting. Because of their compelling appeal, water features are best used as discreet sculptural forms and ideally positioned within well planted areas.

Always eye catching and because of the mesmerizing appeal and sound of running water, it is no surprise that on or near the main Patio is the most popular position for water features. Careful attention to the detailing of the water feature and a thoughtful selection of plants will result in superb compositions. Stone and water are very important elements and no garden is complete without the sound of water gently cascading over stones.

Extend the enjoyment hours of your new water feature into the night by adding garden lighting to provide some dramatic visual interest and striking silhouettes of the water feature and planting forms.

The author is a leading Garden Designer and Landscaper based in Dublin, Ireland. Many of his ideas and advice have been tried and tested through many years of professional experience as owner manager of a well established and award winning garden design and landscaping company which provides Private and Commercial clients a complete landscaping service including Garden Design, Construction & Planting.

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